Boy Tattoo Effects

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A life term for allowing someone to tattoo your child and tattooing a child is a steep punishment for the men. A life term is more for men that are convicted of rape, murder or kidnapping. For example, the initial charge of aggravated mayhem was absurd, the men didn’t commit aggravated mayhem even the first judge felt that way when he tossed out the charge and said “they were more appropriate for case in which a victim was maimed or disfigured” (Kraft 2). The boys would not have to live with the tattoo for the rest of his life the tattoo could always be removed in the future. In fact “the boy was getting the tattoo removed by a dermatologist” (Kraft 1). So the boy tattoo will soon be gone and no one will ever have to see it, he will not have to live with it.…show more content…
For instinct, tattoos are very painful, most adults complain that it hurts getting one. I could only image how much more painful it would be for a child with children’s skin being so delicate. Furthermore, the emotional trauma the child suffered for getting the tattoo was he had to testify against his own father, having to listen to what was being said about his father, knowing he had a part of putting his father behind bars, but must importantly he has to go 6 years without his father really being around. Alisa Quillen said Gonzalez son told her “tell my daddy that I love him and miss him” (Kraft 4). Showing that the child was missing his father and had to continue missing his dad for quite a bit of

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