Compare And Contrast The Three Arms Of Government

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Every nation has a system of government; the United States of America has a central government system that is the national government mandated with ensuring that all the states are able to interact in the required and effective way to maintain prosperity of the nation (Bellia, 2011.p 13). The government is divided into three parts, the legislative, judiciary and the executive. This means the government can be able to deliver to the public through the three arms which are separately mandated to allow for fairness and equality of the governance. This division is maintained through various structures such as checks and balances, separation of power and federalism. In the federalism, the national government exists amidst other individual state governments that are responsible for each individual state. Each state has specific systems that are unique from other states; this provides each state government with unique and diverse functions which are better managed at state level than at a national…show more content…
This system focuses on ensuring that not arm of government is more powerful than the other (Sims, 2009.p. 27). The three arms of government act as each other’s watchdog and they help maintain a power balance which is essential for the government’s stability. If one arm of government is powerful, it will dominate the others denying the public of equitable governance. The legislature brings forward bill and votes them for nomination to law; the executive will decide whether to sign the bills into law and the judiciary gives a medium in which to interpret or challenge the law. This mandates thus dictate for each part of government to act independently and thus each to equally powerful. The framers would have wanted the best laws to be brought forward to the public, thus the slow and sure manner of making the laws which equips each arm with equal different powers to ensure strict scrutiny of the laws and

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