Personal Narrative: What Makes A Strong Black Woman

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No matter how much money a woman has in the bank or what kind of career she has, a “strong black woman” should never belittle her man or handicap him by stepping into his role as a man. Further, independent women should understand that a real man needs to be needed by his woman and if he feels unneeded or unwanted he will most likely leave the relationship. I know this may be difficult for women who have worked really hard to succeed in their careers, single mothers who’ve had to play both roles in the home, and for women who’ve never had a father figure to teach her how to respect a man. A lot of these struggles have to do with how a young black girl has been raised and what her interactions have been with the men in her life. I can truly attest to my struggles with overstepping my boundaries and…show more content…
I still find it difficult to ask for help from others, most of the time people have to volunteer to help me because I will not ask. Some may call it pride but I think it’s more of a habitual behavior I’ve developed over the years. Many black women are searching for their so called king but in reality, most wouldn’t know what a king was if he was starring her in the face or wouldn’t be prepared to marry one because they don’t know what a king requires from a queen. We cannot base our idea of what a king is 0n fairy tales or romance novels and we should not be asking for a king if we have not first prepared to be his queen. I love what Tony Gaskins had to say about what it means to be a queen. “She brings stability to a man’s life.” Black women it’s time to get stable in your mind and spirit, running from relationship to relationship causes more harm than good. Give yourself time to heal and learn to love you before giving yourself to new relationships. “She doesn’t create problems, she solves them.” When women are insecure or lack

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