Personal Narrative: The Switch

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The Switch My dad and I have been arguing for few days that each of our lives suck. Well he was right about his and I was right about my life too. It all started when my dad and I were arguing about how each of our lives suck and we could be each other. I went to bed trying to think of a wish so me and my dad can switch bodies for a day. I crawled up in my bed, before I fell asleep I saw a shooting star. I looked up to the sky and said,“I wish me and my dad can switch bodies for one day and one day only”. After that I fell asleep, the next morning and I looked up at my mirror to see if I was my dad. Like always I seen myself I was disappointed because I was still myself and not my dad. My dad had to work that day and so did my mom so I had to stay home and clean. After I cleaned I could play games and watch TV. At four my dad got home and said, “Hey Gavin how about we have chinese to night and talk about our day”. I was excited about eating out because we never eat out, so I said, “ sure why not”, and hopped up from my favorite chair by my dad’s. My dad took us to a place called China Wok, it was a calm place to go and eat. After we ate we got two fortune cookies. Mine said, “ Whoever finds this fortune will switch bodies with the person in front of him. After that we both got knocked out, the next morning I woke up in my dad’s bed. It felt weird…show more content…
It was like that memory just faded away from our mind it was like something so simple just vanished out of site. It was like our lives had just ended. We just sat there trying to digest everything that we’ve been through. We sat there for about an hour or so,I finally got up and went to the kitchen making me a turkey sandwich still trying to figure out what happened. I sat down still wondering, I looked at my dad and said, “ Let me see my wallet for a sec”. He handed me my wallet, I opened it up trying to find that fortune from China
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