Romeo And Juliet Tragic Hero Essay

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One requirement of a tragic hero is that they have a tragic flaw, a trait that brings about their downfall. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet share a tragic flaw- Their immaturity and the impulsiveness that is sprung from it. Romeo and Juliet meet, kiss, fall in love, and get married in the space of 24 hours. If they had thought it through, they might have realized getting married wasn’t a good idea, but they acted on impulse and were blinded by lust. Romeo shows little to no impulse control throughout the entire story. He is supposedly hopelessly in love with Rosaline at the beginning of the play, but as soon as he sees Juliet, he forgets who Rosaline is. Romeo kisses Juliet before he knows who she is, and then doesn’t…show more content…
A fight breaks out, and after Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo kills Tybalt without thinking about the fact that he will be punished. When he learns of his banishment, Romeo does nothing but lay on the floor and cry. Later in Mantua, when he hears of Juliet’s death, Romeo buys poison and rushes back to Verona without a second thought. He goes to Juliet’s tomb, kills Paris without caring, and when he sees Juliet, he decides that the only thing to do is to kill himself. Romeo, caught in the moment, ignores the signs that Juliet is not dead, such as her still pink cheeks and smooth clear skin. So, without waiting, he drinks the poison. Juliet is also ruled by her emotions and impulses during the play. She is still young and impressionable, and falls in love with Romeo as soon as she meets him. Juliet meets Romeo at the party, and although she has no idea who he is, she instantly loves him and can’t live without him. Later that night, Juliet also professes her love, and agrees to get married to Romeo the next day. Later, when she learns of Tybalt’s death, she is blinded by love and immediately thinks it is Romeo who died. She isn’t calmed when she learns that Romeo killed Tybalt and is now

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