Comparing Grandmas, Speedsters, Teen Drivers, And Rule Followers

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When someone first starts driving, he or she quickly learn that not all people drive in the same way. Some people speed while others do not. Additionally various motorist follow the rules while others seem not to abide by them or even know of them. All drivers may be different, yet they all fall in one of four categories: Grandmas, Speedsters, Teen Drivers, and Rule Followers. The first category is the Grandma Drivers. To identify Grandma Drivers simply search for the sluggish cars followed by a line of angry vehicles. One does not need to be elderly to be a grandma driver, they just need to drive at an exceptionally slow pace. This class also includes first time drivers, moms driving their precious kids around, or anyone who finds driving to be fearful. These drivers believe that the speed limit is just too fast; caution is key for Grandma Drivers. It does not matter if a ten minute drive to the grocery store takes forty minutes, they are in no hurry. Their motto is: it is more essential to arrive at a destination than it is to get there quickly. Grandma Drivers are annoying to drive behind and cause more accidents than one would realize.…show more content…
People in this category are forever in a hurry; the speed limit is just the starting velocity. To identify these drivers look for the cars the speed past you. These motorist must imagine themselves to be race car drivers on their last lap. Speedsters would be the cars that honk at the Grandmas for their slow speed. A condition that may be common with these motorist is road rage. People in this category may be in fewer accidents than Grandma Drivers, nevertheless they receive more tickets. They may not be the worst drivers, however, Speedsters still extremely

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