Definition Essay: What Is Art?

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Art. What is art? Incredibly complicated patterns, perfect flowing strokes of bright paint on canvas, or tall meticulously carved sculptures of shining marble. Art, beautiful, ugly, meaningful, pointless. Any adjective in the english language can be applied to the open ended concept of art, just as the meaning of the word is different to everybody, just as it is up to the perception of each individual to define ,what is art? While my personal belief is that art is completely open to the perception of each and every person, and that is what makes it creative and different there are many ways to critique art and there are many different categories, the most broad being fine and applied arts. Fine arts are what most people think of when you say art, fine art is intended only for beauty and to be pleasurable to look at. Applied art is meant to be aesthetically pleasing while performing a specific duty ( . An example of fine art would be…show more content…
Art has always been a part of human civilization from simple figures marked onto a wall from a charred stick to elaborately carved statues, the human race has always pursued the seemingly useless expression of creativity we call art. There are many reasons art is important to individuals and whole civilizations. Art is incredibly important for the average individual person because, while there are mediums in art, art is a medium itself. Art is a medium to display the imaginative creativity trapped inside everyone's head in a physical form, art is a medium to let out frustration, joy, human emotion, art is a medium we all can use to spill our guts and show the world who we truly are. Art is also incredibly important to all of us as one, art can bring you back in time and show you the most glorious and goriest times in history, art records what each generation as a whole is

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