Summary Of Captain America In A Turban By Vishavjit Singh

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The narrative I analyzed is the intriguing article by Vishavjit Singh called “Captain America in a Turban”. Vishavjit Singh is “the first turbaned and bearded editorial cartoonist in the United States.” (Singh 6) He also is a software analyst and he creates cartoons about Sikh. A Sikh is any follower of the religion Sikhism. Sikhism is a religion founded years ago and it preaches devotion and remembrance of God, truthful living, equality of mankind and it denounces superstitions and blind rituals. He is an inquisitive man who is willing to put aside his insecurities to analyze a bigger picture, to challenge the irrational thinking mind. Mr. Singh wore a captain america costume along with his turban and long beard. He walked the New York streets during Puerto Rican Day to observe the reactions of individuals. While he did receive some praise for the idea he is trying to get across he also received some vicious remarks or gestures from others. Why…show more content…
Singh covers one event of his life that was very important to him, leading to the first feature of literature I will discuss. He discusses his experiences being Captain America of a different ethnicity and culture from the Captain America portrayed on television and in magazines. He wants to test the views of people when he changes a norm to something that is considered unnatural. The author uses extensive detail in order to depict the event in which he challenges the views of the American people. “I’ve grown accustomed to a Pavlovian response to my presence. Stares. Verbal assaults… So the outcome of this experiment was unknown, which felt both exhilarating and mildly terrifying.”(Singh 3) Mr. Singh uses an event that he has gone through personally because he is making the narrative more intimate for the audience. The more he opens up about his emotions during this event, the closer the audience feels to him. The amount of detail he uses allows readers to visualize his day, and the emotions he feels as he

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