Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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I have felt the sunrise. The rays of light refract through shadows of bare soldiers frozen mid battle. The murmurs of life do not all wake at once but instead pause in silence to admire the song of the sun. Nighttime slithers away, leaving the coldest moments of the day to juxtapose the warm hues dancing on the horizon. I know these actions occur at the beginning of each day yet I cannot imagine any other human ever feeling the light approach as I have. It is easy to see how Thoreau was encapsulated by the simple mystique of the wilderness. Nevertheless, I sit motionless in a tree with a sleeping monster in my arms, waiting to tear through the soft spoken forest surrounding me. I am not saddened by the idea of disturbing the sanctuary because the…show more content…
My father sits adjacent to me in the stand as snowflakes spiral in feathered synchrony to the uncaring ground. Suddenly, my father turns and whispers, waking me from my tranquillity. A solitary deer materializes from the woodbine. My father instructs me to prepare, this is the opportunity we have been waiting for. I am hesitant. The deer, so regal, intelligent, and innocent, is just young judging by the size of its antlers. I stare down the heavy metal, seconds pass in warped time, mind scrambles through internal contradiction, fingers tap dance near the trigger, never quite able to commit. The cry of death shatters the landscape. I am horrified. Nonetheless, I already know the truth, the deer was not hit by my weapon. My father is more optimistic, he leaves me to check for a blood trail. I begin to weep, to dissolve into painful shutters, to frantically remorse, I did not want to shoot; nevertheless, a bullet escaped through expectation and fear of disappointment from my father. My own desires were desperately suppressed. Even more degrading was the embarrassment I felt for missing, although I intentionally shifted the mouth of the gun at the final second, my father would never know

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