Officer Mcneal: A Short Story

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The incoherent sobbing over the telephone could easily be heard by anyone within a 20 feet radius of the phone. The police officer responded in a low and calm voice, but his hand shook against the side of his leg in a way that suggested that he wasn't going to sleep well tonight. Nights like tonight made him want to resign from his position. Delivering life changing news over the phone made his stomach twist into a nasty knot. The heart aching conversation carried on for another 30 minutes before Officer McNeal hung up the phone and moved onto his next task; the witnesses. The sun behind the old building was covered with clouds, masking the natural sunlight that was setting low. Most light came from the flashing blue and red a few feet away.…show more content…
Can one of you explain to me what happened here tonight?" The first to speak was loud mouthed and opinionated Kathleen, stepping forward to speak for her friends. "We just came up here to y'know, hang with Cabe. He has never- I mean, he had never ever had a drink before, not even wine," she said, dead panning to McNeal. "We wanted to have some fun with him cause we know he doesn’t have a whole lot of friends. But anyway, we knocked a bunch of times and we knew something was wrong, he loves seeing us! So Jordan," she pointed to the muscular man next to her, a smirk seemingly stuck on his lips, "Jordan ran into the door with his shoulder and knocked the door down." Jordan, who had an arm around a different female, proceeded to give the policeman a thumbs up, as if he saved the day. "But then what we all saw will haunt me for the rest of my life," Kathleen proceeded, using her hands excitedly to put on an extra dramatic show. "My dear, wonderful, best friend was hanging from the fan with a belt. He looked sad and alone, I think. Or, I don't know, maybe that's just what you look like when you're dead." She shrugged, before continuing on, throwing in a few artificial…show more content…
"I got the fake ids with me." Dylan refused, even after their constant pressuring. He lied to them about needing to catch up on his statistics homework. They ended up calling him a wuss and blowing him off. Dylan sauntered alone to his dorm room, thoughts bringing him lower and lower. Cabe was there. The image of his body was burned into his mind, limp and pale, hanging. Dylan kept thinking as he worked his way up to his room, about how Kathleen reported what they saw that night to the police officer. She lied. Everything she said was a complete lie. Absolutly none of them even remotely enjoyed Cabe's presence. They were all assholes to him. They all were going to his place planning to see if they could force him to get drunk. Of course, when the door was forced open, they were shocked when they saw him. Nothing had prepared them to see what they saw. Yet, minutes later, they were laughing. A boy is dead, and they're laughing. "He musta saw Jordan's dick," Katheen said right before she cried to 911. None of them noticed me just staring at

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