The Unpretentious Garden

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At the Telfair Museum, a part of the Monet and the American Impressionist exhibit included The Unpretentious Garden by Gari Melchers. The work is an Impressionist style painting due to its rough brushstrokes and bright vibrant colors. This painting was started in 1903 and finished on 1909. This painting is actually part of the Telfair’s permanent collection. Melchers was born in Detroit, Michigan on August 11, 1860. His family was very supportive of the arts; his father, in fact, was a German-born sculptor who worked under Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Melchers was enrolled in the royal academy of art in Germany at the age of 17, where he studied figure painting. In 1884, Melchers joined George Hitchcock and founded an art colony who chronicled…show more content…
It is a flat two-dimensional painting located at the Telfair Museum. It is an oil painting painted on a 33 5/8” x 40 1/2” canvas. It is a very beautiful painting that utilizes bright vibrant colors, but also has dark colors. The value of the colors changes from very light to somewhat dark depending on where things are located. You can see the brushstrokes, but they add a sense of unity to the painting. The brushstrokes for the nature are very similar, with the same secondary color being used, green. The nature overall has a very diverse palette, with green grass, dark green trunks, and blue-green and yellow-green leaves. Melchers has painted an aesthetically pleasing sight of nature using analogous colors. Outside of green, the second most predominant color is the orange house. The house has hints of blue at the doorway on the bottom left, and a little pink. Overall, the house expresses the warm color, orange. The focal point seems to be set at the archway right before his house, as if he is inviting you in to his home. The painting has so much open space that it creates a feeling of inclusion. It has a welcoming atmosphere. The vantage point is set at ground level, and the house seems to block the background as if he only wants you to focus on what is going on in the foreground and middle ground. This is an asymmetrical painting with a horizontal…show more content…
His painting style changed. He began to adopt a more vibrant palette, and he also adopted the en plein air style, which was a key characteristics of Impressionist painters. I believe that the message he is trying to convey is that he is happy with his life. He married his love, has a beautiful home in Holland, which is where this painting was painted, and was economically sound. The mood of this painting is a very peaceful one. He uses warm and cool colors, and each color has a different meaning. For example, in psychology orange means happiness, excitement, and warmth and the pink means romance and love. The use of cool and warm colors suggests that this is springtime. The use of horizontal lines in the painting doesn’t imply motion, it actually implies calmness and rest. This painting can also be focusing on the wife. It is a bit of a stretch, but if you look at the foreground, she is the only person there. Instead of being out in the open she is in the cool shade, and in fact is one of the few objects in the shade. After you look at bright contrasted part of the painting, you notice the darker contrasted part of the painting. The focal point there is the wife, knitting enjoying a beautiful day. When I looked at this painting I didn’t notice her until the end, but she seemed more open and friendly than the maid, who has her back turned to the

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