Personal Narrative: My Experiences In Bilingual Education

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Everyone has had several experiences throughout their lifetime, which moles them to the person they are now. Some experiences might be dramatic while others might be funny, but they hold special and great significances in our personal life. I am the oldest; I have a younger sister who is a junior college and a brother who is a junior high school. I identify myself to be more Hispanic than American, if I could I would speak Spanish all of the time I preferred it better than English. I am the first in me family to graduate from high school and the first to graduate from college, hopefully next December. I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in bilingual education. This semester I started student teaching at George I. Sanchez collaborative…show more content…
That's why when my mom almost passed away in two different occasions ten years apart from one another; it greatly impacted us as a family. A dramatic event, it happen when I twelve years old. This event change who I am today. My mother got ill, we thought it was no more than a cold but we were so wrong. She lay in bed most of the time, which was not normal for her to do, as the days progress her health deteriorated. She began to shiver, talk without making any kind of sense, and she would sleep more than the normal. No one understood what was going on, after several days my dad decided to take her to the hospital. I have never seen fear in my dad’s eyes; I know I could lose my mother at any moment. The doctor explains that she was bitten by a spider on one of her veins in her right leg. My mother had to be in the hospital for several days. Once she came home, she was not the strong and energetic woman I know, but a woman that dependent on her family for everything. My sister and I had to learn how to cook, do laundry, take care of my six year old brother, and anything that need to be done around the

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