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Everyone in the eighth grade was laughing and pointing at me; I thought I was going to cry. I was in fifth grade at the time when I experienced one of my most embarrassing moments ever! It was pi day; the celebration of 3.14159 and the hoola-hooping contest. Mrs. Petz arranged the whole thing. She had given all the classes a signup sheet. At first I didn’t think I was going to participate in either of the contests, but all the girls in my class decided to, so I thought “Why not?” However, there was no way I was not going to do the pi contest. I don’t do math. I thought I would do well at the hoola-hooping because I was always pretty good at it. I got to school with my stomach stomach churning and a huge smile on my face. This is the day…show more content…
First up was the pi competition. People went up one by one and stated as much pi as they could. Most people stopped after 3.14159. The three winners each got a pie. First the younger kids did the hula-hooping. It went on for a while. They were really good. Finally someone won I can’t remember who though. It was finally my turn. They set all the hula-hoops around the gym and we were to grab one. Everyone was prancing over to get one. It took me a while before I finally spotted one. Keep in mind the eighth graders were right by the hula-hoop I was using. I ran over to get my hoop before the music started. My blood was rushing I ran as fast as I could. I was only a few feet away, now a few inches. Almost there. Here is where everything goes downhill. I went to jump in the middle of the hoop but instead my foot landed on the side of the hula-hoop. I saw all the faces staring at me right before I was flat on the ground. In the split second before I fell I thought “ Oh no did I seriously just do that?” I landed hard on the cold smooth ground. I just sat there on my stomach and heard the snickering. I was on the ground for what felt like hours but was only about ten seconds. I lifted my head just so slightly and saw the eighth graders looking at me and then whispering. “What should I do I thought?” I stood up and just pretended like nothing happened. “It’s ok I thought to myself just win this contest and you’ll be laughing at them. Three two one the music

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