Vengeful Creditor Story

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Education plays a very big role in this story. In the beginning of "Vengeful Creditor", we are introduced to Mrs. Emenike. One day, she goes grocery shopping, and there are no boys around to take her groceries to her car. This is because of the free primary school education that is being offered. The free primary education brought forth problems for a Mrs. Emenike. All her servants were leaving to go to school. First, their "Small Boy" gave the excuse that his father was sick and that he wanted to go visit his sick father. "Small Boy" said he would be back by the morning, but he never came back. Next, the gardener gave notice that he would like to leave too. His brother had apparently sent him a message telling him to return to the village so that he could apply for the free education. At…show more content…
Emenike was just about fed up with all the talk about free education. Then, the worst of all, the baby-nurse who could now take care of herself, dumped the baby in Mrs.Emenike's lap and left. The free education is put on pause until a solution for the financial problem arises. Vero, a little 10-year-old girl who wants to go to school becomes upset when she hears of this. There was no way Vero could go to school any other way. Vero's mother, Martha, is a widow and spent her days at the market or on the farm. This left Vero responsible for all of the younger children. After Vero had stopped going to school, Mr. Emenike pulled up on the side of the road, and made his way to the hut where Vero and her family lived. Mr. Emenike came in search for a new baby-nurse for his baby. After Martha has agreed for Vero to go and watch the child, she begins a conversation about education with Mr. Emenike. Mr. Emenike brings up the possibility of Vero going to school again if she is obedient. Mr. Emenike's and Martha knew this was not going to happen, but Vero believed it wholeheartedly.

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