Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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Is it possible to look one way, culturally, but actually belong to another cultural? People say I look Jewish , because of my amazing curly hair. Others say I have almond shaped eyes resembling an Asian, with a olive skin tone, but also looking German. You can say I’m a walking Melting Pot. The real question is, what am I? My true ethnic background comes from a Swedish, German, Irish, and even , though very little, Native American background. My overall cultural identity is formed by my appearance, values, and my family. My appearance looks multicultural as well. In the summer, my skin color gets dark, making me look by-racial and this is due to my Native American background. My face and body have some German, Irish, and Scottish characteristics. I have the stocky build of a Scott, broad shoulders of a German, and the curly hair of an…show more content…
It’s as if it was as unique and important as someone’s genetic makeup. My values and beliefs come from a religious based standpoint, due to growing up in a religious home. I’m shy in new places, but once you get to know me, I’m pretty crazy. I do not consider myself good nor great. I’m just a man. I also have strong opinions. I won’t give up my argument unless you have a million pieces of evidence to prove me wrong. One of my favorite quotes is from the reformer Martin Luther, “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” On my physical well-being, I am very active and very competitive. I love lifting weights and the fact of being in shape. The irony of that is I also have a love for food. When I eat, I’m never satisfied. I also add in my take on food when I, or my family , cooks. I’ll take something simple and make it extraordinary. I also have a HUGE sweettooth. When I walk into a candy store, I usually spend $20-30 on just candy. My love of being a respectable, athletic, and a lover of food, man defines who I am as a
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