Personal Narrative: Lost Privileges

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I have lost privileges of a lot of things because of my careless acts. First, my dad had given me some nice goggles that didn't fit him anymore. He had handed them to me and said, “Take care of these, I don’t want to find them on the floor and messed up; these are nice and expensive”. I said ok and went on. But then I left them on the floor in the car and I got taken away and given to Jasmine. Next, MJ’s little computer she let me borrow. I used it in my bed and when I wasn’t supposed to and when I was finished I put it to the side of my bed. I didn't notice, but I put it on a corner (which could've broken it). I should have never had it there it should’ve stayed on my desk. Now, it is my new MacBook air 11inch laptop I got from school. I

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