Inheritance In The Book Of Ruth

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BOAZ REDEEMS RUTH (RUTH 4:1-22) The author of the book of Ruth is prophet Samuel and it was written between 1011 and 931 BC. The setting of the story occurred during the period of judges when a strong famine hit the country. During this period, Elimelech had a wife called Naomi of whom they had two sons called Chilion and Mahlon who moved to the nearby country of Moab. The husband of Ruth died, leaving his two sons and his wife. Later on, his sons married Ruth and Orpah. After ten years, Naomi’s sons died leaving back the two widows. Naomi advised the two widows to return to their parents; even though, Orpah returned, Ruth declined and insisted that she would remain with her mother in law (Ruth 1:4). The two women went back to the city of…show more content…
Redeem means to buy back something that was lost. It also means to gain back possession (Hubbard 15). Boaz had the right of Redemption and he had to buy back Ruth. The term is significant because it was used as a way of compensation during marriage. Inheritance refers to taking charge of the property of another person after his death. Inheritance was very significance because it ensured that the lineage was maintained. The original audience for the passage was the Israelites. The passage meant that every good deed that was done had a reward. The passage also emphasized on the need for inheritance and redemption. According to the Israelites, redemption formed a vital part of their daily life. It was also important to ensure that genealogies are maintained through the practice of inheritance. Other Bible testaments have also emphasized on the importance of inheritance as a way of ensuring that lineage is enhanced. The contemporary theological importance of the passage is that even though Ruth was a pagan at the time of her calling to be part of the Christ lineage, the gentiles are all important in the mission of Christ. One of the most fundamental teachings of this passage is that God had to use man to be part of the Christ lineage. It is through Christ that the new church came into existence. God communicates to man through his chosen disciples. The church is a fundamental unit in the body of Christ (Jenkins

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