Racial Inequality In Political Cartoons

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Racial inequality has been an issue in the US since the Constitution was first written in 1787, and while we may pride ourselves on having an “equal” society, we are still plagued by the same underlying problem of inequality. Currently the main issue surrounding race is police brutality, but that is just the surface issue; the real problem is the racial inequality that is built into our society. While most people would never call themselves a racist, concepts like white privilege and implicit bias still make our country very off-balanced. Because of the recent debate surrounding race there have been many articles and political cartoons that attempt to address the issue in a way that appeals to the mass public. With the image “Race becomes an Issue” in the Chattanooga Times, Clay Bennet utilizes both satire and symbolism in order to emphasize the fact that while we may say that everyone is equal, reality is not that kind.…show more content…
These events have sparked a necessary debate and controversy about the level of equality in the US. When the issue is addressed, politicians tend to skirt around the actual issue of racial inequality and instead tackle other, related issues like police violence. People in the US want to believe that we have made progress and that we are a fair country, but most people don’t see the underlying problem in many recent issues. This political cartoon addresses the avoidance of the problem with satire in order to both entertain the viewer and make them think about the reality of our society. Clay Bennet’s cartoon depicts three people, a white man, a white woman, and a black man, all toasting wine with the caption “To

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