Personal Narrative: Life In The New World

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Life in the New World is more amazing than the original ads my late father spoke of. I regret venturing here alone, because looking around and seeing all of these families enjoying their lives as they establish themselves into a new home. I am quite sure I am the only person who traveled here by himself, I have not seen a man without a woman on his arm, or a child around him. Are you wondering where the wind has blown your young John? Well, you can bet your bottom pound I am not in the dirty, uninhabitable, death trap called the Chesapeake, I am in the new mother country, New England. I chose this place because I thought it would be the best place to begin anew. I heard through the grapevine that this place allowed for a lot of success if you simply knew how to farm and build, which luckily my father made sure to instill in us the skills that his father and his father’s father taught him. I also knew that it was not a place like the Chesapeake, where rumor has it there have been instances where an entire English colony vanished without a trace, and another turned to cannibalism because the land was not good enough for them to grow their own food. New England is incredible, and has an incalculable amount of potential for life-changing growth. I whole-heartedly trust that in all honesty you should come over to New England and begin a…show more content…
To be honest I am not quite sure whether we do or not. The New Netherlands really seems like a scary place to me, and I do not really wish to listen through the grapevine on them. If you guys honestly wanted to know about them before you decided to pick up your entire life and move over to my neck of the woods, I would definitely have to find that out just for you guys, my loving and supporting family. I would gather information about them even if I had to venture all the way out to New Netherlands myself to acquire such

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