Ray Charles: A Short Story

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According to Ray Charles, “I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me – like food or water.” Music compliments many different situations, like there’s a song for every situation. Growing up music was like the mentor that I never had, it could solve any problem. Music became a big part of me when my grandfather pasted away in 2001, I went from the happiest little girl to the little girl who hardly smiled. At age 5, I lost the closest person to me and the only way I could express my pain was through music. So at the age of 6, my mom made me join the church choir because all I…show more content…
I didn’t take the death easy because of the fact that he was the only dad I ever really knew and we did everything together. I didn’t talk for about two weeks and my appetite wasn’t right at all. I didn’t know what to do or who could I turn to in the time of need. My twin brother knows me like the back of his hand and he didn’t even know what to do. I would just sit in my room with the lights off staring at the walls. I was so lost in the world that I even started to act up. I used to hate to go anywhere or even go to school. I had even stopped singing in the choir. At this point my mom knew something was really wrong because anybody who knew me knew that music was everything to me. My step-dad was my biggest supporter, but when he died I have gave up on everything. One day i went to his grave to sit and I ended up singing the song that I used to sing to him all the time, “ There’s a time were we all choose to either quit or follow through, to just lose faith or trust your heart, to somehow lead you through the dark.” Every time I sung that verse it just made me feel like he was still with me. After that day, I slowly start to express myself through music. I wasn’t a normal teen, I was a bit anti-social and to myself. I had no cares in the word, all I needed was some headphones and I was fine by…show more content…
I rarely made friends but I was the MVP when it came to chorus class. In order to be in chorus you had to audition in front of everybody, which brought up memories from my childhood choir days. I was currently going through a lot, it was my first year in high school and I was having boy troubles. So halfway through my audition the teacher stopped me, she said “I have heard enough, please step outside the door” I automatically thought I didn’t met the standards. She followed me out and when we stepped out she gave me a hug and then shook my hand. I was confused. She told me “you have potential; it’s just something about you that I have to have you in my choir.” From that day on she worked with me every single day, she reminded me of my step-dad. She made me the voice of the choir and brought me back out my shell. Music was making me more open and friendly to people compared to the angry anti-social person that I had became. Every time something negative would happen I would sing my heart out and it would make me feel like everything was alright. Music has always been a shield for me and could make the worst seem like it never

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