Essay On Old Age

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Now a day’s ‘aging’ has become an excessively discussed subject especially in European world. Aging is a very crucial topic to define. Basically from general point of view, human being grow old physically (i.e. chronological aging) and psychologically. Becoming, physically old means loss in physical strength, falling senses and weak memory. An elderly person may find difficulty in doing day to day activities and sometime even in sitting and walking. . Besides, as a person grow old chronologically s/he is liable to many diseases and as well as to old age anxiety, loneliness and depression. It is also common to see older people with memory related deceases such as Alzheimer and dementia. And because of these diseases older people face many problems as they grow old more. They feel difficulty in making the meanings of the things. Normal everyday life to diseased older people is become tough. And those, who live without kinsperson, life become more harder for them. But there is solution to this problem, an elderly person without his or her family or…show more content…
As it is well known that literature has a very profound relation to the society, so it become clear that literature also has precise relation to old person because an old person is a centre of society. Literature has portrait the old age, from the different point of views. Shakespeare’s play ‘King Lear ‘ (who is a physically strong, old king character in the play.) to W.B.Yeats’ fear of old age. As individuals look at aging, life and on death differently, in the same manner literature also look on it from different subjective views. Some poets look at old age as normal part of lifecourse and some look on it as an unfriendly part. It’s become important to explore the subjective view of poets to explore the personal view of aging. By examine these subjective opinions one can better understand the society’s phenomenon of aging /old
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