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V. Review of the work done on Kim Scott’s novels: Kim Scott is a distinguish author of Australia. His writing expresses local history on the global level. By combining the factual events with the fictional, he has set new and interesting trends of writing historical fiction, in the literary world. He is passionate about his research and creative writing. He skillfully employs poetic language to uncover the history of the Noongar community in the form of stories. All this aspect of Scott’s writing has increased readers interest. As John Fielder writes: Scott’s writing appeals to readers interested in narratives that explore different ways of story telling and texts that break down in entrenched cultural binaries…Kim Scott is an important figure in Australia today because of his creative quest to open up new and different ways of ‘being black’, and to provide a language for that which is otherwise un-utterable (Fielder 11). Scott’s first novel True Country is a product of Scott’s historical research in his Noongar community and it is a “semi-autobiographical work” (Rai 2007). Though, it is semi-autobiographical narrative, it breaks all traditional trends of writing an autobiographical narrative by using multi-voiced narration.…show more content…
He confirmed that the novel was “inspired by research into his family and my growing awareness of the context of that family history”. The novel hence an imaginative blend of fact and fiction and archival documentation to explore in historical and emotional terms the shameful history of the white treatment- of Australian Aboriginal people without didacticism and bitterness or moral propaganda. It makes compelling reading, as it is a moving depiction of cultural oppression and the resilience of the Noongar people from the time of first contact with the white colonial power

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