Social Inequality In America Essay

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In modern day America, social inequity is a rising problem becoming more and more of an issue as time goes on. Although many protests have been made against persecution, not much progress has been made. Social inequality has been a global issue for hundreds of years, and has yet to completely cease. Authors have the ability to inform American teenagers about the problems we face in everyday life using many different types of literature. Teenagers are growing up in a world full of discrimination and social inequality. Some of the most common types of inequities are racism, bullying, and gender. These are the kids who are going to be the leaders of our country, and they need to know how to deal with the many inequities we face each day. Bullying…show more content…
Women and girls have less of a chance of a good education and less political power. They also have greater safety and health risks and less opportunities in political and economic participation, and they are overall viewed as not as good as men. Our world has perfectly made roles for men and women that society thinks of as fitting to the gender, and these roles state that women don’t have the potential to successfully complete tasks that men take on. Women have a higher rate of people not in school, and about ¼ of girls around the globe do not attend school. In some countries, women are denied the right to a basic education. As well as lower numbers of in school attendance, women make less money than men do. In the U.S., women make approximately $8,867 less than men. The gender income gap has closed a little less than $3000, but it is still extremely separated. Women in their mid 40s to mid 60s, are at a great risk of poverty in retirement. “Teens are not the only generation tackling gender differences and challenging the status quo, but it is important to highlight that the next generation of women are already working toward change. We have to mobilize women of all ages to understand that gender inequality affects us all.” ( Teen Girls, 1). Women and girls all over the world are treated unfairly, and today’s girls are fighting for their basic rights and the rights of

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