Personal Narrative: Her

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"Your best bet Luka is surgery" My Aunt replies. Luka's eyes go wide. "Surgery, really?" I can hear the fear in his voice. I rush over to the left side of the bed, so fast that my Aunt has to jump out of the way to avoid me crashing into her, I then then I take his left hand, and clasp it in between mine. "Don't worry Honey, I'm going to be right here for you every single step of the way" I say in a calming voice. "Why?" He asks me like he doesn't know what I'm talking about. "Why do you think, we're mates Luka" I reply to him. I then squeeze his hand tighter in mine, but just slightly. "Do you feel those?" I ask him, referring to the sparks that are traveling through his hand and hi arm, as well as mine. "What are those?" He asks quietly, stunned.…show more content…
Each wolf is like one half of a circuit, when they find their other half and connect with them electricity starts to flow between them, well the same can be said for us" I explain Luka then takes his hand away slowly, the sparks stop. He then paces his hand 0avk in mine, and the sparks start to flow again. "Are you sure you want me for a mate?" He ask looking up towards me slightly. "I've never been more sure of anything" I say sweetly. Luka then look towards my Aunt and Shelby, who are just standing there looking at us with tears in their with tears in there eyes. "Are you sure that surgery will take the pain away?" He asks them. "We're positive" They both

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