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When I got home on Friday from my bros house at what seemed like 9 a.m., but in reality it was 11 in the afternoon I couldn’t really tell because it was a cloudy cool afternoon. I got a call from my ex-girlfriend we had only been broken up for about a month. Although I missed her I wasn’t going to answer my pride was always getting the best of me. We broke up because she would act a little to friendly with guys at our school… if you know what I mean. I don’t blame them Shayliah is gorgeous, she had long dark wavy brow hair with beautiful light green eyes she was about 5’2 and had the sweetest outgoing personality, that’s the biggest thing that bothered me about her. She never saw anything in a bad way. Shayliah is to passive about things it…show more content…
They all looked at me in a surprised face besides David he said,” I already knew” that got me so damn mad and I went off cursing at him telling him why the f@*$ are you even talking to her. It would get me mad when David would talk to her because before me and her met they had a thing for each other he didn’t tell me till we were 1year it bothered me because David took her V-card so of course she would always feel something for him. J-rock and Jason both tried to calm me down. I finally chilled out. It finally hit me I was going to be a dad and I needed to fix things with Shayliah I need to grow up and take care of my responsibilities I started to go to night school taking extra classes so I could graduate early get a job and start college. Shayliah didn’t and wouldn’t answer any of my calls but that wasn’t going to stop me from doing this for my son. I found out I was having a son by David of course, but it didn’t bother me to much anymore I gave him money to give her so she could get what she wanted for herself and our son. On Monday I was at work and she called me and asked if I would go over after work and I gladly said
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