Personal Narrative: Sobia Girl

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Narrative #1 Draft #1 “There are always those who take it…” (pg. 78) Sobia Moman TABI was sitting in the family room, which was a little ironic considering the lack of family environment that existed in my house.your structure is off I was doing my homework, at 3:30 pm sharp, routinely as I would do each day. My father sat adjacent to the couch I was on, in his chair on my left. Math homework was never my strength, but I dared not to ask him for his help, knowing even at that age the response that I would receive. “Jayden, I will never hold your hand just because you are incompetent. In a few years you will not have anybody to help you, I am helping you become a man, like myself.” He would say. I would go back to my work, biting my tongue before I could ask what incompetent meant. “There are always those who take it,” stated my father. “You should be that person.” At that time I had not incline? as to what he was referring to. I soon got a better understanding, but I was also past the age of eight. The last…show more content…
This was however not a good thing for my morals. I was not the person I had set out to be. Yes, I had my own business, but I stole it rather than earn it or build it myself. This was not the route I had planned for myself, but all I could hear was my father. When the opportunity arose itself, all I heard was there are always those who take it. You should be that person. So I took it. I never regretted it, which made it worse. I had no remorse for stealing a dead man’s life. I had even less remorse for being at the cause end of his death. I was the person my father would respect, and I hated everything about that phrase. But that did not make me change. I was living in a house much too big for one person, much too big for a family of five. And I loved it, so much I was disgusted with myself. I never knew the names of the people cleaning my house, my employees or even the man who’s life I

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