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Law woke up feeling better rested than he had in weeks. The fact that he’d even fallen asleep was a miracle in itself. His insomnia usually kept him up late into the night, and his schedule at the hospital hadn’t helped any. Judging by how bright the room was already, it was at least 10, far later than he was used to waking up. When something moved next to him, Law nearly jumped out of his skin, forgetting that he had fallen asleep in Luffy’s bed last night. As yesterday’s events resurfaced, Law suddenly became hyper aware of the teen pressed up against him, still fast asleep. He was snuggled up against Law’s chest, his arms wrapped around his waist and his hair was messy, covering his face. Law smiled at how comfortable and relaxed Luffy seemed; it was rare to see him with his guard completely down like this. Law pulled his arm free and brushed the hair out of the teen’s eyes, the scar under his left eye in plain sight, and not for the first time Law wondered how he’d gotten it. It looked like it had come from a knife, but he couldn’t be sure without asking the teen himself.…show more content…
“Good morning, Luffy!” Ace said cheerily as he peeked around the door, cheeriness turning t shock when his eyes landed of the pair lying together in the bed. Law watched as Ace’s face turned red from embarrassment and he backed out of the room, squeaking a ‘sorry’ as he closed the door. Law could feel his own cheeks heat up as he realized what this must have looked like to Ace. Two guys laying in bed together, both shirtless and possibly naked, thanks to the sheets covering both of their lower halves. Oh

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