Unknow Unknown Substance Essay

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Unknown substance number one is a covalent polar molecule. It is covalent because although it is soluble in water, its solution is not conductive at all. Ionic solutions are always conductive. Polar molecules are only able to create solutions with other polar molecules. Water is a polar molecule, so due to the substance’s solubility in water, it is polar also. Lastly, as a polar covalent molecule, the intermolecular forces that will take place are London forces as it occurs in all atoms that are covalent and dipole-dipole forces because all polar bonds are not symmetrical, therefore there will be an imbalance of partial charges in one molecule. The partially negative charge of the molecule will attract the partially positive end of another molecule, creating a dipole-dipole interaction. Lastly, a high melting point is a physical property of hydrogen bonds. This substance was the third to melt out of the three that did, proving that a strong force such as a hydrogen bond is occurring to keep its shape and state.…show more content…
Ionic compounds have very high melting/boiling temperatures. This substance was the second one the melt among the three that did. Substance number two must also be non-polar as it did not create a solution with the polar water. As a non-polar substance it will only create a solution with other non-polar substances. The intermolecular forces this substance has are London forces which occur in all covalent molecules. It however cannot have a hydrogen bond it does not have a relatively high melting point. It also cannot be a dipole-dipole force because there is an even distribution of charges. As a non-polar molecule the overall charge equals

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