Corruption In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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How do the rules of society affect the corruption of society? Human nature is to strive to be the best, to win. When that becomes more important than the welfare of others, things get out of hand. For example, war and control. The solution to this problem is more rules and productive influence, more rules that prevent people from being able to harm one another and more influence to prevent the children of the next generation from becoming a threat to the community. To create rules that make it certain that ambitious people can’t hurt others to find what they are looking for. The solution must also include simply making sure that the kids who will grow up to be the people of the world, have good influence. Lord Of The Flies, Golding addresses the issue of decivilization using a group of young boys, whose plane crashes onto a deserted island. It implies that humans are destructive by design, “the long scar smashed into the jungle” caused by the plane was the first act that is done by the boys when they reach the island (Golding 7). This means that their first act was one of ruination. Part of the reason Golding wrote this book was because, according to BBC, William Golding grew to believe that the human race was savage because of his time in World War Ⅱ, and that even when people mean well, they eventually all turn evil.…show more content…
As shown in the book when Ralph tries to establish order and community to survive. Though his chosen solution may not be perfect, it’s along the correct lines. However, the influence of others is also key. Parental figures are the most important people in a child’s life because of the influential factor of having them in their lives. Studies show that having a parent missing from a the life of someone growing up “puts children at high and often invisible risk” (Sparks). Through rules and supportive surroundings are the way to fix the this societal

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