Charles Murray's 'Are Too Many People Going To College'

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“Are Too Many People going to College” by Charles Murray describes his thesis in why so many people are going to college. He informs throughout the article what the conflicts may be. For example, not everyone needs to go to college. It may not be beneficial academically or economically for a person to attend a university.He further explains how college doesn’t always make sense that college is the place to make a living. Charles Murray opened with the information students are learning the first couple of months should have already been learned. He further explains how the core knowledge should have been learned in the grades K-8. Murray mentions that it is a lot easier to memorize names and dates when younger because it takes time to memorize it. He acknowledged, not everyone needs to know about history, art, music or literature. But, they need to know more then what they are actually learning. Therefore, they should not wait until college to do so.…show more content…
He further explains it takes 32 courses to get the required classes for the appropriate field of study of your choice. additionally, not everyone is equipped for the college courses or the length it takes to complete the amount of credits in order to graduate. Also, many people will have a better job satisfaction without going to college. Moreover, the increase of jobs that need a higher education level boosted up the amount of people going to college. As well as, the higher demand for those specific jobs. Therefore, collge opened up so there is more people with the academic ability to perform those

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