The Pigman Character Analysis

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The Pigman is a novel about two kids, John and Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati who is known as “The Pigman.” John and Lorraine are tenth graders and are very different people. John swears and drinks a lot, unlike Lorraine. Lorraine is a very sweet and caring person. One of John’s avocations is bombing the bathrooms at school. He is known as the bathroom bomber because he likes to just set them off at random times. John’s best friend is Norton, who is antagonistic and mundane in some ways. Also, he was an ingrate person. One day John and Lorraine were over at their friend's house calling random people. It was a game they played to see who could talk to a random person from the number directory the longest. It was Lorraine’s turn to pick someone to…show more content…
Pignati at the zoo. Mr. Pignati loved the nocturnal house at the zoo. Mr. Pignati had a baboon friend named Bobo, and he couldn’t wait until John and Lorraine met Bobo. Mr. Pignati had said that his wife was in California with her sister for a few months. The kids started to get a little suspicious and they found a funeral bill in a drawer upstairs in Mr. Pignati’s house. So, they found out that she wasn’t really in California as Mr. Pignati stated. He took them down to the store to buy roller skates. When they arrived back to the house John and Lorraine wanted to play tag in their roller skates in the house, so they did. John completed his proficiency in roller skating. When Mr. Pignati was it, John ran upstairs in his skates. As Mr. Pignati was following him, he had a heart attack. He ended up in the hospital and the children visited him while pretending they were his niece and nephew to get into the…show more content…
Pignati was in the hospital for a few days because of his heart attack. While he was in the hospital, John and Lorraine threw a party at his house. It was all John’s infantile idea. John and Lorraine invited their friends to come over and had a band there too. They served frog legs as an hors d’oeuvres. At the party, people broke things, ripped dresses, and rolled around on roller skates. Mr. Pignati came home while the party was going on. Lorraine saw him from the window being dropped off. The cops came to arrest John and Lorraine for underage drinking and throwing a party. The cops took John and Lorraine to their houses for their putrid behavior. Lorraine’s mother slapped her a few times for prevarications. John’s mother was so angry at him for doing this. John felt mortified and had called Mr. Pignati the next day to apologize and to come and clean up. Mr. Pignati had addressed to him that he would just clean up the mess. They agreed to meet at the zoo after John begged Mr. Pignati to come. When they got to the zoo, Mr. Pignati was so excited to see Bobo again. At that time, they were in a predicament situation. He went there to find out that Bobo had just died of pneumonia. Mr. Pignati was so upset that he would never see Bobo again. He had another heart attack, except this one he died. John and Lorraine were so sorry that they even asked him to go and everything that they did to upset Mr.

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