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Winter, AH I’m so excited to write this. Winter is by far the best season, the amount of things you can do, the amount of time you spend with your family, the amount of time to be cozy. Ah… winter is truly the best season there is, if you disagree get ready to me outside to fight because there's clearly something wrong with you. There’s so much history with me and winter so get cozy and get ready to read my stories from childhood. My earliest memory of Winter and Christmas was when we went to church to get some free presents and to see Santa. I was young and excited to see the man behind the beard. As we sat on his lap my parents decided to take a picture to commemorate this glorious moment. This was before I realized that Santa was just some strange old man letting children set on his lap uncomfortably close to his gumdrops. Santa is really is creepy if you look at it today. That day I was ecstatic and it's the only moment that we actually put cookies and milk outside for him but, in the morning no one came so the cookies were left untouched cracking some of my spirit but it wasn't anything that a…show more content…
The fresh and crisp air that freezes your nose and causes you to have trouble breathing. That feeling although terrifying was great, it makes you feel alive. In the blizzard of 11 - one of the roughest blizzards we’ve ever had- the snow was taller than us and we did everything a typical family would do. While my parents shoveled the snow from the driveway my brothers and I used that show that they would pile up to make a an igloo I became Javier the eskimo! I know, how hecken cool is that. We made it a point to stay in there for hours on end even if it would freeze our fingers and make our butts wet from sitting. It legit snowed fifty inches that day, well that's how it felt in my head the time. Those were the times, the THRILL of childhood that I miss. I miss those memories, I miss being a child, acting like a child. I miss having

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