What Does The Fire Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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Have you ever noticed any hidden meanings of symbolism in a logo? For example: In the FedEx logo there is an arrow in between the "E" and the "x"; the arrow symbolizes that the company is willing to move on and be more forward. There are multiple instances when symbolism is used,whether it is dealt with books, movies, objects, companies, etc. Novels typically have a hidden message throughout the story which usually interlocks the details together in order to have further understanding. Lord of the Flies is an enchanting novel written by William Golding which has numerous examples of symbolism such as: fire, piggy's glasses, and the conch shell. Fire is the first example of symbolism due to the importance of it. The fire represents numerous meanings such as comfort, hope, and civilization. It raises the comfort level when Ralph has the dream about being home, and being nuzzled in front of his fireplace. The fire also gives Ralph hope because he believes that a boat will come rescue the boys when it sees smoke. The last point is civilization, for it keeps the boys together and makes them stick to the plan which is to always have a fire burning. It keeps the children united throughout the book, but then it becomes a fight to whoever needs it.…show more content…
The identified symbols are civilization and technology because of the marvelous uses the kids have for his spectacles. Piggy’s spectacles keep civilization together because his glasses make the fire which gives everyone serenity, ambition, etc. Throughout this novel, many symbols tie in to each other to understand why some of these objects have such an imperative meaning. The glasses are known for technology and advancement; the boys have an idea of pointing the lens towards the sun to get sparks for the fire. His spectacles give a gigantic contribution to the society, but end up destroying the relationships in the
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