Paranoa Lake Research Paper

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Lake Malaren and Paranoa Lake are the two urban bodies of water that I have chose to research in this memo. Lake Malaren is an urban lake in the developed country of Sweden and Paranoa Lake is also an urban lake in the developing country of Brazil. Both of these lakes are located in their countries capital cities, Lake Malaren is found in Stockholm, Sweden, and Paranoa Lake is placed in Brasilia, Brazil. First, Lake Malaren is the third largest lake in Sweden located in the Svealand region, which is the most well known for its rich historical culture. Malaren has a surface area of 1,140 km2, a maximum depth of 64 meters, and an average depth of 13 meters. (Malaren Wiki 1) This lake also has two prominent islands Selaon and Svartsjolandet,…show more content…
Some of these invasive species include the Zebra mussels, Lake trout, Rainbow Trout, and Western Waterweed. The zebra mussel, which is a native of the Caspian Sea, has been seen in Lake Malaren since as early as 1926 (Josefsson 516). Zebra mussels are found in the northern and eastern parts of Malaren and Hjälmaren, so this problem of the invasive Zebra mussel has spread from the Caspian to other lakes in Sweden. The only problem that has arose since the introduction of this species has been the decrease in population of a species of fish named Burbot. Zebra Mussels have not been a large problem to the lake with no visible problems have been caused by such creature compared to the problems in the United States Great Lakes (Josefsson 516). Lake and Rainbow Trout both have origins in the United States and were brought to Lake Malaren for sport fishing. These fish rarely reproduce but also have made their ways into other lakes and tributaries around Sweden. The Western Waterweed was first observed in Lake Malaren in 1991 and is originally from North America. This invasive species is intimately related to the Canadian Waterweed as it grows on the soft bottom of the lake, but unlike the Canadian Waterweed, the Western Waterweed can grow deeper in the lake (Josefsson 518). This is unsettling because this type of Waterweed as the power to spread further into this lake with the large amounts of Nitrogen and the benefits it gains from Ammonium (Josefsson

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