Single Syrian Refugee Analysis

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In an analysis of “Revealed: How the five wealthiest Gulf Nations have so far refused to take a single Syrian refugee,” by Jay Akbar, published by the Daily mail, the reader is given an overview of the lack of support Gulf nations have provided to refugees from their neighboring countries. This article provides statistics, graphic descriptions, and photos of the refugee crisis the world is experiencing from people fleeing Syria. A civil war, humanitarian crisis, and invasion by terrorists who are leaving a bloody trail through every bit of territory they conquer; it is devastating the country, causing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives. This article by Jay Akbar effectively demonstrates that the west is doing more for the refugees…show more content…
The author continues to bash the Gulf nations because of their lack of involvement. Which, depending on what side of the argument someone stands, determines how they would view the tone the used in this article. As someone supporting the author’s stance might feel the tone is justified, someone against the stance of the author may feel it is too much. The word choice used in this article is more appropriate than the tone used in it. The author uses several quotes from government officials and statistics from world organizations in his article; which he then uses those quotes and statistics to bash on the Gulf nations. When this article is compared to articles on the same topic posted by the New York Times and Washington Post they did not share the same forced use of quotes and statistics to show disgust. The information was presented with no context to favor one side or the other. Therefore, the use of quotes and statistics in the Daily Mail article has a negative effect on the author’s ethos because it is not ethical to attack in a literary context in addition to the being as biased as he is in the article. However, this plays extremely well into the pathos the author develops in this article. The situation alone is enough to effect someone’s emotions then the author us rhetorical context to strength the emotional effect. The author then uses the hatred towards the Gulf nations to infuriate readers, hoping to encourage them to be disgusted with the Gulf nations as well. The author’s use of statistics and quotes works for his logos in this article. Quoting the British Prime minister and using statistics from the BBC. Unfortunately, the author abuses this in skewing some of his results because in a graph within his article someone can see some Gulf nations have provided more support than several European countries that he praises at various points in his

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