Personal Narrative Analysis

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During my childhood, I was not the one to show my appreciation for my family members. As I face challenges and rough patches, I look back on what I was taught from the near presence of my family. I used to think that my life was perfect, that there was nothing that could have made it even greater. My self-centered self was too naive to understand that the throne -- the one I pictured my younger self on-- was built up for me from the love and encouragement I received from my family. Being the youngest of four girls raised by a single mother, I was blessed to have a set of grandparents that loved each one of us unconditionally. While my mother worked two jobs, my grandmother would pick us up from school and care for us at home everyday. My grandmother always made sure that I was able to participate in whatever I wanted to; no matter what the cost may be.…show more content…
With the constant break-ups and new perspective lovers coming and going, I began to blur the men together in order to just forget about them. Finally, with ten years under my belt, my mother found someone she was passionate about. Being a single mother raising her youngest three daughters, anyone willing to become a part of that mess is worth looking into. My mother's hopeless romantic heart led us 800 miles away to live in a small Texas lake town with my mothers new love. Everything was fine up until the night my mother received the call the my grandfather had passed away. From that moment on, nothing was ever going to be the

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