Bilbo's Transformation In The Hobbit

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I do not feel that the majority of the characters that have been introduced in The Hobbit so far are realistic because most of them are mythical creatures such as dragons, wizards, elves, goblins, trolls, et cetera. Although I am uncertain of his appearance, I feel that Bilbo Baggins is the most realistic character regarding his emotions. To begin with, you could clearly tell that Bilbo was flustered and extremely perplexed when the large group of dwarves arrived at his hobbit hole. I believe Mr. Baggins felt violated because he lost his temper slightly when more and more strangers began entering his home demanding an extensive amount of food and beverages. Also, he has had moments of true terror when he was selected to take part in the journey to the demolished town of Dale, when the group was caught in a thunderstorm, and when he was abducted by goblins. During these events, Bilbo has experienced panic attacks and appeared to suffer from insomnia due to horrifying dreams. Finally, he has shown emotions including joy and wonder when exploring foreign lands and having the opportunity to meet the elves in the valley of the Last Homely House. I believe Bilbo was so excited due to the fact that he had never been outside of his neighborhood and these outer lands were new to him.

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