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Squad Goals Friendship is understood and experienced differently among various people, but it oftentimes does not last a lifetime. However, one special case of lifelong friendship that exceeds average relationships is between Owen Meany and Johnny Wheelwright in A Prayer for Owen Meany. John Irving shapes this novel around the extraordinary companionship of these two. Owen is a small, strange, and brilliant boy who comes from a poor family of granite workers. Johnny is an average boy who comes from a well-off, higher social-class family of lumber workers. Though seemingly polar opposites, they form an incredible alliance together that shapes the entire novel. They grow up inseparable and significantly influence each other’s lives in both the…show more content…
Although Owen dies at a young age and Johnny is forced to live the rest of his life without the company of his best friend, Owen influences his life majorly in the long-run. The greatest impact Owen makes on Johnny after his death is that “he is the reason [Johnny] believe[s] in God. [He is] a Christian because of Owen Meany” (1). Owen is a miracle who has faith and has visions that predict his death. Johnny initially doubts his beliefs, but when they all came true exactly how he expected, Johnny becomes “a believer” (83). Johnny did not have much faith growing up, but now as an adult, he is involved with this church and “read[s] [his] prayer book often” (1). His faith is a major aspect of his life because of Owen Meany. When Owen is tutoring Johnny in high school English class, he significantly aids Johnny understanding and suggests that “MAYBE [he] SHOULD BE AN ENGLISH MAJOR” (314). Johnny takes this advice and now is an English teacher in a Canadian girls’ private high school. Also, Johnny’s decision to move to Canada as an adult stems from Owen’s recommendation that he does so, stating he “SHOULD MAKE A CLEAN BREAK FROM THE PAST… JOHN SHOULD GO TO CANADA” (557). Johnny, as an adult, lives in constant memory of Owen Meany because of his influence. He lives with the countless memories of Owen as they grew up together and he also lives with his major life choices that directly…show more content…
Friendship to Owen and Johnny means supporting, loving, helping, and influencing one another. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses and come together to help one another. They share an incredible bond that shapes the entire novel and their own lives. They experience life milestones together and cross incredible boundaries for each other’s sake, such as amputation and life after death. They also share an incredible love that shows forgiveness even after accidental murder of a loved one. Owen and Johnny are remarkable people who show selflessness and depict what friendship should entail in every

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