Personal Narrative Analysis

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“We're GOING ON AN ADVENTURE “!!!. It was the Sunday after move in day people were still experiencing “move in day”. Freshman was beginning I was going to live in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. It was overwhelming to think that this place would be come home and the people around me would become my family. I woke up late the next morning heading out for lunch with my roommate still l have no idea how the meal plan works. I didn’t know what to eat either it was a weird feeling being so independent and lonely at the same time. Looking for familiar faces everywhere I go high school friends were ideal because conversation was easy and convenient. Flashbacks of summer nights and nostalgia rushed my mind all throughout lunch. The last…show more content…
As the the sun set and the city lights turned on the saying “the city never sleeps”, became more apparent. Some friends convinced me to go to a party with them later that night the peer pressure had started early. We started getting ready early that night, it was our first night and no one was going to be underdressed. I started to telling my new friends about how i had thought about this very night so many times not only this night the whole college experience. As I told them a summary of my life's story they told me about theirs we started thinking about the upcoming party. We sat in our dorms fantasizing about what happens at parties, cool codewords to signal each other to leave. It was dark outside the city lights made it seem so clear and vivid we decided it was time to go. It may sound weird but some of us were stalling I think deep down we were all scared to go out because everything was different. We left the residence hall in a rush we all felt butterflies and anxiety. The first address that we had got was three miles away no one bothered to tell me that but that's good because if they did tell me I wouldn't have come. We also traveled with a bigger group because it just seemed more safe like that and it…show more content…
People tagged on some people left some people stopped to go to the bathroom or just to get food. Throughout the night the amount of people we had in our group fluctuated a solid dozen were always there. After what had felt two hours we had reached our destination as we came up to the house the cops pulled up as if they were following us the entire time. There was really nothing we could do it was late the night sky didn't look the same as it did back home everything was alive at least that's how I felt. The clock was ticking we moved on people that had just joined gave us another party address we were once again on the move. I walked the streets as if they were known talked to people as if they were my neighbors. As we were coming to the next house we saw another group of people walking back we stopped to talk their group they said don’t bother going the cops just got there. Our groups merged we looked like a small church choirs that sang christmas carols during the holidays. The night turned into just walking all around richmond and meeting all different types of people. We hadn't been to a single party but I was having so much I was living the “college life”. It was funny that we hadn't been to the actual party and everyone around me had a similar

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