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It’s a difficult thing to commit to something that you immensely enjoy and come out disappointed every time you participate in it. But then again, when you finally achieve your goal that you have been fighting so hard for, it feels that much better. This was how I felt when I won my first trophy for Cross Country. I had been training since the second grade, running for Mileage Club during my recess time. That was when I was eight years old, and from that moment on, I wanted to win a trophy. Then last year, it happened. I won my first trophy. It was at the Sand Creek Invitational on October 2nd, 2014. Coach Van Sickle was expecting all of us to beat our personal records, but that wasn’t the case. He also told us that we may be able to win a trophy because the Parma Western team would not be attending this meet. We were all excited because our only competition was Blissfield, who we had already beat at a previous meet. Then, it was time for the warm-up run to familiarize ourselves with the course. We suddenly came across a strange team wearing…show more content…
If we wanted to win this meet, we would have to beat some stiff competition. The starter called us to the line, shouted the commands, and pulled the trigger. My start was great: third place, only behind Carson in second and Western’s star runner from Kenya. I held my position for the first half of the two-mile race, and then two Western runners passed me. Then a Morenci runner. Then a Sand Creek runner. I was beginning to worry that my race would not be finished. But the finish was just over the hill. I could make it! I brought my kick in hard as I heard another runner close in on me. He was no match for my finish. I placed in seventh, Carson in fifth, and Western finished first, second, and third. We knew that we didn’t win the meet, but they were giving away a runner-up trophy. Had we beaten Blissfield? It would be a close

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