Personal Narrative-The Milky Way

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The streaks of light in the night sky were beyond mesmerizing. With our lifejackets and phones, we pushed the kayaks against the rocks, away from shore until they glided across the obsidian water. I climbed into the kayak quickly; trying not to miss a blink of the meteor shower. The slosh of our paddles created gentle ripples as we journeyed towards the center of Swan Lake; the strip of cabin lights faded behind. Directly in front of us stood the dark and ominous silhouette of the mountains. I looked over at Addi, using the limited light of the stars to focus in on her face. The awe of her countenance was evidence that she beheld my same wonderment.I leaned my head back as far as I could, trying to take it all in: the Milky Way in all of its

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