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The Gospel of Peter is seen to be somewhat of a parallel to The Gospel of Mark. Unlike the gospel written by Mark, Peter’s gospel has not gone through the process of canonization, meaning it has not been recognized; therefore, it has not been made authoritative. Given this major difference, there are still many varying aspects seen between the two parallel texts involving their interpretations of Jesus, uses of theology to emphasize this interpretation, varying literary techniques throughout their writing, and the major differences in their gospels. Both Mark and Peter write about Jesus’ life, but they do so in distinct manners with differing interpretations regarding Jesus’ identity. There are many stories about Jesus, told by various people,…show more content…
There are certain differing aspects that Mark and Peter chose to focus on in their writing. In “On the Christianity of the Gospel of Peter,” Peter M. Head discusses the differences found regarding Jesus’ death. He reports that there have been parts added to Peter’s gospel such as the earthquake that occurs when Jesus’ body is laid on to the ground, the voice that comes down from heaven, discussions between Pontius Pilate and the soldiers, as well as other differences throughout. Although Peter includes many parallels of Mark’s gospel, he has also added events into his text that are not seen in Mark’s. Another difference between the two is the placement of Jesus’ “silence.” Head also notes that in Peter’s gospel, “…the silence of Jesus appears at the crucifixion rather than during the trial…” The evidence illustrates the careful placement of his silence in order to add to their own ideas of his identity. Mark included Jesus’ silence while being questioned in the trials in order to create an emphasis on the way that he often tried to mask his identity as the Son of God. Peter differs in that he placed Jesus’ silence during his crucifixion onto the cross. This brought attention to Peter’s interpretation of Jesus’ strength. He was shown to be free from experiencing pain, which is an aspect that those of great strength would

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