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One of the most renowned authors in all of history, Mark Twain, continued his legacy with the controversial book of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Some say that the language used in Mark Twain’s classic is horrendous and it should be censored out for the sake of innocence. However, the correct way to believe is that if Huck Finn is censored then America will lose its grasp on its own history. Going along with what was just said, those many others also believe that Mark Twain wrote in that certain way on purpose to reveal the terrible language used back then towards people that were different. Of course, every single racist slur used in that book must have hurt Mark Twain to write. He was writing in the middle of the Reconstruction period,…show more content…
Alas, Christians cannot personally associate themselves with that kind of talk but that does not mean to boycott the great classic of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The Bible states that no unwholesome word should come out of any person’s mouth. However, Mark Twain wrote with such harsh words because he wanted society to see its more disgusting side. Instead of using racist slurs to hurt people’s feelings, Twain felt it necessary to write the way he did to help bring America out of its Civil War slump. Christians need to continue in Jesus’ footsteps and they should have joined Mark Twain in his effort to make a difference. Modern day Christian must learn to control the tongue, which is probably the most influential part that the human body possesses. According to authors John Piper and Justin Taylor, “Our day-by-day failure to use our tongue as we ought—for God’s glory and for the good of his people—comes from a functional rejection of Christ the Word. It is only as we look to Jesus, rejoicing in him and in his atoning provision, that we are freed to walk—and talk—in his way.“(Piper 2009) Therefore, Christians should keep their tongues clear from unwholesome speech and use their own speech to build others

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