Peroxidase Lab Report

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Meathods: Part A-Preparing an Extract with Peroxidase: This lab was started by extracting enzymes from a tulip. To do this 8 g of peeled turnip tissue was weighed out, and homogenized by adding 300 mL of phosphate buffer. Then this mixture was blended for 20 seconds at high speed and then filtered by using cheesecloth. Part B-Standardizing the Amount of Enzyme: Next, a control experiment was ran where the amount of extract added was the only variable added. Two do this two test tubes were obtained and labeled Buffer pH5 and pH7. These are filled half up with stock solution. Then two disposable pipettes were labeled to correspond with the solutions. The next step, was to get three more test tubes and label them 1-3. Test Tube 1 was the control, Test Tube 2 had substrate and indicator dye, and Test Tube 3 had the extract solution. Then all three test tubes are prepared with the appropriate solutions.…show more content…
Nine test tubes were also obtained and labeled 1-9 and prepared according to the table. Then as was done in the previous experiments the spectrometer was blanked. Then, test tubes 2 & 3, 4 & 5, 6 & 7, and 8 & 9 were mixed together and the absorbance changes for 60-sec at 15-sec intervals were recorded just like the last experiment. Part E-Experiment 3: Effect of Boiling on Peroxidase Activity: To begin this experiment a test tube was obtained and 3ml of extract was added and placed in a boiling water bath. After five minutes the test tube was removed and allowed to cool down to room temperature. Then three more test tubes were obtained and labeled 1, 2, and 3. Then the right amount of reagent was added into the test tube as specified by the table. As in the other experiments the spectrometer was blanked, and the contents of test tubes 2 and 3 were mixed. Then, the absorbance changes for 60-sec at 15-sec intervals were recorded. Part F-Experiment 4: Effect of Temperature on Enzyme

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