Ethan Frome Character Analysis

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Edith Wharton opens up Ethan Frome with the perspective of an intrigued, unnamed narrator who explains about Frome that “even then he was the most striking figure in Starkfield, though he was but the ruin of a man” (Wharton 3). The narrator is a stranger who has come for a limited time to Starkfield, a city where Ethan Frome is very well-known. The narrator practically speaks of him as a celebrity. The narrator struggles to retrieve information of Ethan Frome’s past, but he has little success. He does discover a “smash up” which caused the scars and limping of Ethan Frome. The “smash up” can also be assumed to be the cause of the gloomy personality of Frome. Ethan Frome, through the perspective of the narrator, was both mentally and physically

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