Woman's Voluntary Childless: A Radical Rejection Of Motherhood

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Introduction Children are present in this world, we see them every day. Since there are so many children in the world, sometimes individuals assume that everyone must have a child because it is what everyone is doing. However, what about those individuals who don’t see children in their future? Who do not produce children? These people are labeled as childless individuals, or childfree by choice, and they are not always treated so kindly. What is Childfree by Choice? According to the textbook entitled Family Life Now, the concept of childfree by choice is the choice to remain childless and not produce any children. (326 paragraph 2) Additionally, according to the article entitled, “Woman’s Voluntary Childless: A Radical Rejection of Motherhood?”,…show more content…
In the article entitled “Woman’s Voluntary Childless: A Radical Rejection of Motherhood?” reasons such as race, age, marriage, and the costs of childbearing are why some individuals remain childfree. For example, As one woman said, "Since I haven't had children and I haven't really had to put personal activities on hold . . . I've been able to develop myself as an individual and as a political person" (Morell 1994,82). This shows that women are more able to develop themselves as a person when they do not have a child to look after. Another reason is age as shown in this…show more content…
Additionally, further evidence from the article explains how women in marriages believe that not having children strengthen their marriages and allowed them to focus on their parent. “Some women believed that choosing not to have children allowed them to focus on their partner rather than on children.”(Kelly, 2009 Marriage and Relationships) All this evidence that the article provides connect to the textbook, Family Life Now, by elaborating on the reasons the textbook listed, one such example is the Rathus and Nevid (1992) study. They found that couples found more time with one another, more freedom for themselves and careers, and financial freedom. (Welch, 2010 Childfree by Choice) The article gives studies as well s the textbook that show evidence on why it is good for some individuals to remain

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