People's Dependence On Technology: The Cons Of Technology

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It was another day with scorching sun and I was drenched in sweat, I ran up the elevator to catch up with the MRT before it left. The last thing that I wanted was bearing with this suffocating heat for any other second. I sped across the path leading towards the train; mumbling thousands of “excuse me” and “sorry’ along the way. When I finally stepped into the MRT, the door behind me shut immediately and I knew that I just saved myself from being roasted in the human oven. The cool and chilly air inside the MRT chased all my exhaustion away. I took out my phone and began my daily routine of scrolling my "Instagram" feed. However, my plan was all ruined as my phone battery was running low. I had no choice but to give up this idea. I looked around…show more content…
Everyone should learn to walk before they run. Everyone should learn the basics as it is essential to build a solid foundation before they become experts in the field they have chosen. For example, nowadays if you ask a child to draw, instead of grabbing a colour pencil and a paper, they will just switch on a tablet, launch paint and draw from there. We’re not saying that every child should have the brilliance in sketching and arts, but the tech-based learning had in fact stolen away the charm of learning, holding and using a colour pencil to draw a painting or sketches. Yes, hi-tech learning may bring an instant boost in the efficiency but learning the basics should be our first priority. Another evidence is that technology allows a more convenient way into solving the problem that people faces which actually causes them to skip the step of thinking of the way to solve the problem. For example, if you encounter a simple problem like a broken fan, you would just “Google” it. Just type ‘how to fix a broken fan” and it would save you the time to actually think to solve it by yourself. In other words, technology is actually spoon-feeding

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