Dependence On Technology Essay

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Over the past few decades, technology has gradually occupied our world. However, the development seems not to stop the pace but keep flourishing. People, as the smartest creatures in this world created technology. Even though we had made good use of our mind and propelled our world into a better environment, we are unknowingly suffered from the over dependence on the convenience brought by technology. Regardless of the kids or adults, our society cannot leave without technology as every one of us has our own gadgets such as computers, smartphones and lots of pads. In the past, we used to have our scrumptious breakfast and enjoy the lovely morning after waking up. Nonetheless, playing hand phone’s games has completely become our first task nowadays. Playing smartphone while eating not matter with family or friends has become a prevalent in our society.…show more content…
As we know, today, many places are equipped with Wi-Fi. People will also choose the place with Wi-Fi supply as they can connect to it and surf the Internet. Indirectly, they can communicate with their friends and family not matter where they are at any time. However, communication through electronic gadgets can produce misunderstanding. A simply sentence cannot be able to express sender’s real feelings exactly. Sometimes, the receiver will bother about whether the sender is angry or depressed when the sentences they sent are without emoticons. This will cause a lot of unnecessary troubles. Due to that, technology does assist a lot in sector telecommunications but people have made their dependence on it to become a habit and surely, they will be the victims one day. From my point of view, a good communication needs sincere feelings between the both sides. Technology gadgets are affordable to this requirement. In that case, people’s dependence on technology brings disastrous consequence in

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