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Performing the penetration test The following is an overview of how all three tool could be used to perform a penetration test on the agencies' network. Software used in a penetration test should be capable of being used throughout the phases of a penetration test. This should allow the department to both recreate the initial attack, but also test other potential attack vectors. Tool 1 - Core Impact Pro This software can be used to both emulate the initial attack to attempt to discover the vulnerabilities that were exploited to place a text file on the server, and can be used to both identify other vulnerabilities as well as other potential attacks on the systems. In the pre-attack or reconnaissance phase, the software can be used to gather…show more content…
The software can produce comprehensive reports on network assets discovered, footprinting results, running services, and any detected vulnerabilities in the network. The software can be used to generate additional reports on the effectiveness of the attack phase of test, as well as what vulnerabilities were successfully exploited and which were not. This will be useful in prioritizing what vulnerabilities should be addressed immediately following the…show more content…
This report would pre-generate a list of vulnerabilities that were detected during the test, how many were exploited during the tests, as well as indicate what vulnerabilities are more likely to result in a breach. If the department tested a similar scenario to the attack used to compromise the server, this could create a report that will detect vulnerabilities through the network that lead to the server, but also create a suggested plan for what corrections would have the best potential

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