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Greek Civilization reached its highest peak in politics between 500 and 338 B.C.E during this time they also engaged in violent conflicts. The Persian Empire was then defeated by the Greeks. The destroying of their own political system was caused by them turning against one another which then lead into the Peloponnesian War. Athens had a powerful democracy, spending their days talking about politics and culture. Sparta was completely different, they were born to fight. Anya who was an author stated that, “Athens controlled a large, mostly coastal territory with its commanding navy, while Sparta was infamous for its authoritative army. The Athens and the Sparta was definitely enemies. “The Classical Period got its name because of the various…show more content…
The Greek city states were weakened economically and the military was also weakened. Due to losing the war, the Persians then gain controlled over the Greek States. The Greek ancient world was then reshaped by the Peloponnesian War. Due to the economic cost of the war, poverty then came into play. Changes in the society was also due to the war. One- third of the population was killed by the disease due to overpopulation inside the city walls. Even though a lot of the population was killed due to illness a lot of the population died because of the battles. Farms were destroyed during the time Peloponnesian War. During the process of the war many of the Athens switches sides to the Sparta’s. Many of the Greeks had trouble trusting each other after the war. Near the end of the war, the Sparta received aid from the Persia. According to the website livius, “The long walls was destroyed. “The thirty year of peace, which set up an oligarchy in Athens, was created after the war by the Spartans. The Spartans and Athens made a thirty year peace agreement while they was recovering for the Persian War. Athens was considered one of the strongest most powerful kingdom, until the Peloponnesian war started. Sparta became the leading power of Greece. The end of the Peloponnesian war was the end of the Golden

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